Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Entering the Chasm

and lying to new friends

After defending Greenest from the Dragoncults onslaught, the party decided to head out in search of the stolen people and treasure. After half a days travel, they came across a great chasm, and a small band of mercenaries. Said mercs were quickly, and dutifully destroyed. The only survivor, a man named Jo’Vash, was taken prisoner.

Entering the Chasm, the group dealt with a marauding hoard of Kobolds, (like 8), and after a gruesome fight, they managed to victor over their adversaries.

They sought respite in a small cave, and quickly detained another Kobold. When the bandit awoke from his ‘nap’, the group told him of the great ‘betrayal’ he faced at the hands of his comrades, and he vowed to help the group into the rearguard’s camp, as vengeance.


andrew_a_fraser andrew_a_fraser

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